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Counselling & Coaching

Both counselling and coaching can offer a confidential, safe relationship in which to reflect, learn and explore alternative ways of coping with what life holds for us.

After 20 years of counselling and 8 years of coaching I have created my own style as a coaching psychologist. I like to use my whole package of tools, experience and expertise when working with my clients. This can range from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to narrative techniques and solution focused approaches. Whichever approach we use, we hope to “do what works” in the collaborative relationship we form to help you move forward to your desired goal.

Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic,
imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging
can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance

– Brene Brown, The gift of Imperfection



Coaching generally implies wanting to move towards mastery of a new competency or new phase in life; making the most of a new situation or become more effective. In coaching we generally work with goal setting, motivation and encouragement to become the best version of ourselves.


Counselling usually implies wanting to change something or get rid of a symptom (or at least struggle with it less). In terms of functioning you might describe this as wanting to move from below the zero “I’m NOT OK” point to the point of “I’m OK” on a wellbeing scale. Counselling has a more therapeutic nature and could involve looking into patterns and dynamics from the past in order to understand why we’re stuck in the present. We then use this insight to create perspective and take steps towards our “preferred future”.

Shared Ambition

I am also part of a franchise organization called Shared Ambition which offers psychological support, coaching, training and development to individuals and organisations. Most of my work for larger organisations takes place through Shared Ambition as we can offer the professional support of about 30 experienced organisational psychologists throughout the Netherlands.
Grounded in theories on the inherent strength and vitality of the individual, team and organisation, Shared Ambition has developed a series of unique products to tap into this potential and to promote psychological well being and increase effectiveness.

When to contact me?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself struggling for some time now? Feelings of being “snowed under”, having “no room to breathe” hoping that there’s “more to life than this”. Human dilemma’s which can feel they stop us from thriving.

  • Symptoms of stress (headaches, fatigue, concentration, irritability)
  • Indecisiveness
  • Find yourself reacting in old patterns instead of proactively doing what’s good for you
  • Issues with your energy and work life balance
  • A desire to reflect and make the desired changes in your life

Why Sue?

I set up my own practice in 2008 and joined Shared Ambition as a franchisee. I constantly look for new ways of approach my work. As such my coaching and psychological theories have been formed by various approaches and I could best describe my work style as eclectic.  The most important determinant in how I work is you – and the collaborative relationship we enter to best address your needs.

More about Sue


The original reason I contacted Sue was because I believed I needed some coaching.  I wasn’t focussing in my work and felt that I was on the verge of a burn out. Sue helped me enter the Dutch medical system to enable me to get the specialist help that I also needed whilst also encouraging me to trust people and talk about my issues.  Sue has a very personal approach which I really appreciated