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The Resilience Formula – making choices

“Just tell me what to do” I recently found myself confronted with a mammoth task. The steam literally came out of my ears as I tried to start-up a part of my brain that’s been lying dormant. Feeling helpless and stupid,…

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Uncertainty Creates Social Responsibility?

Uncertainty creates social responsibility?

Shared Spaces On the way to an appointment this afternoon I caught a fraction of an interview on the radio about creating a “shared space” experiment behind the central station Amsterdam which currently a chaotic, life-threating meeting point of pedestrians,…

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Worship As A Prelude To Joy

Worship as a prelude to Joy

Practicing mindful gratitude to find our passion “I want to discover what I’m truly passionate about.” “I don’t think I really enjoy my job and I just don’t know what I love or what will make me happy?” These are…

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Happiness Hurts

Happiness hurts

“Feeling good doesn’t always mean we’re doing what’s good for us” I’m sitting behind my desk satisfying my sugar dip with chocolate… confronted with how many things that feel good really just aren’t! The list is endless…watching hours of “house…

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